6 Reasons Why You Should Kick It With BOD Blast!

Darlene Adamusik gym
So you want to get in shape… feel better look better… and build confidence, right?!!
One of the most successful paths you can take to reach your healthy mind and body goals is to work with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer along the way. With so many personal trainers out there, though, it’s difficult to know which one will be right for you. Let me share six reasons why training with BOD Blast is beneficial–whether in boot camps, one-on-one personal training sessions or through online coaching–and then you can decide if we’d be a match made in sweaty heaven!
  • BOD BLAST IS ENERGETIC. As your coach, I’m here to empower and motivate you to do your very best during training sessions. The challenge and fun you experience during your workout is designed to bring you MORE energy, happiness and zest for life long after the session ends.
  • BOD BLAST IS POSITIVE. I aim to carry a tribe full of body-positive team members, who have a “I can do anything I set my mind to” attitude. Our training pushes away doubts while allowing you to become more mentally and emotionally focused and centered.
  • BOD BLAST IS SWEATY. Each of my training programs is customized to fit your needs (keeping age, injuries and current skill level in mind), however I’m here to PUSH you outside your comfort zone, the place where the mind and lean muscle grows faster and stronger than ever! You will build endurance and strength, while burning fat and calories along the way.
  • BOD BLAST IS SMART. Having a trainer who knows what he or she is is doing is vital to ensure safety and results. I have been a trainer for more than 15 years and continue to stay up-to-date with industry trends and continuing education. My teaching style is to help you become SMART with your health, too, in order to develop long-term and sustainable healthy habits and daily choices.
  • BOD BLAST IS BOLD. Although, I’m not a hard core drill Sargent type of trainer who’s hard to approach, I still take action, courage and commitment seriously. This is because I know you’ve got the power inside and were born to be fearless leaders. As you grow with BOD Blast, you may find yourself becoming a positive role model more often, both in and out of the gym!
  • BOD BLAST IS FIT. It’s important to know that as a trainer, I walk the talk when it comes to fitness. If you’re aiming to improve yourself each day, want to feel younger, sexier, and unstoppable, know that I’m right there with you doing the same! I know making the healthy choice isn’t easy, but if you select me to be your coach, know you have a role model who is practicing what she preaches along the way!
Now if you’re ready to start and end each day with a dose of awesome accountability, prevent workout boredom and reach your fitness goals, you’ve found your match with BOD Blast. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re ready to find the training program or method that may be the best fit for you at BodBlast@gmail.com