Long Beach BLASTcamp Bootcamp

What are you going to do NOW to make sure you have the Body You Dreamed about? What is one thing that will actually make you achieve your goals rather than another disappointment.  What can you do to make sure you start you Results? Think about it.

It’s time to make a commitment today.  Sign up Now and you will receive 1 Extra Class.  It’s time to LOOK Amazing in your own body.

The average weight gain is 7 to 10 pounds for individuals during the holiday and Summer season.  Let’s face it, it’s hard to commit on your own when you have had long hours at work, stressed, exhausted, and the list goes on. The average commitment on your own is 2-4 weeks. The motivation dies and the excuse train starts rolling by. What’s the point of starting if you can’t finish.

When you have a scheduled commitment, you are more likely to develop a good, life-long behavior, with no excuses. So what are you waiting for? Let’s RESET our bad habits and Finish 2015 to a “Kick start bootcamp”, in Long Beach, CA.

Today is the perfect time to get YOU Started to look your best.  Let’s hold each other accountable to reach our fitness goal, workout as a team, and create healthy habits during the year. Sign up NOW! and get a jump-start on looking your best for the  holidays,  New year,  Spring, and Summer.


First time BlastCamp members will receive:
  • Fitness/nutrition assessments to check your progress for each month
  • Monthly goals
  • BODBlast shirt (After 3 month completion)
  • Individual weight loss goal contest
  • Diverse exercise routines to ensure continual progress and variation
  • Getting you into the best shape of your life
  • Having you feel positive about yourself
  • Starting the NEW YOU!
Let’s rock it with our new hot bods!!
Bixby Park, Long Beach, CA
Monday and Wednesday 
Morning: 6:30am-7:15 am
Evening: 6pm-6:45 pm


Package Price
First time is Free!
4-Week   Auto pay  One Time 
5 Classes $75+Tax
8 Classes $100+Tax
Single Session N/A
NOTE: Intro Package is for first timers and can only be purchased on your first day of your Free session or before.
 *Tax service fee of 7.50% will be included
*Package will renew automatic each month, but you can cancel it a week before renewal.
*There will be NO REFUNDS if you forget to cancel your Autopay. It will be your responsibility.