BOD-Cycle Bootcamp


Are you ready to try something new? All you need is a bike, any bike,  and the will to change up your routine.

BOD-Cycle Bootcamp is an outdoor class that caters all levels who are willing to train hard and have Fun.

This bootcamp is mixed with a nice cruise along the Long Beach bike path with some interval training off the bike. We will be stopping at 3-4 random locations along the beach and focus 5-10 minutes of functional exercises to build strength, muscle tone, and stamina. Off the bike we will be using resistance bands, body weight, stairs, TRX, and more. You will improve your core and endurance.

The Benefits of cycling is you will improve your heart health, reduces stress, lose unwanted pounds, and less impact on your joints.

When you have a scheduled commitment, you are more likely to develop a good, life-long behavior, with no excuses. So what are you waiting for?

Sign up Now and you will receive 1 Extra Class.  It’s time to LOOK Amazing in your own body.

First time BlastCamp members will receive:

-Fitness/nutrition assessments to check your progress for each month
-Monthly goals
-BODBlast shirt
-Individual weight loss goal contest
-Diverse exercise routines to ensure continual progress and variation
-Getting you into the best shape of your life
-Having you feel positive about yourself
-Starting the NEW YOU!

Start and End at Bixby Park, Long Beach, CA

When and Time:
Tuesday and Thursday
-Morning: 6:00am-7:00 am or/and Evening: 6:00pm-7:00 pm

Package Price
First time is Free!
4 week-Rate  Auto pay  Commit Now
Intro 2x/week $80+tax  4 week: 2x/week
3x/week* $100+tax 4 week: 3x/week
Single Session $15
Single session
 NOTE: Intro Package is for first timers and can only be purchased on your first day of your Free session or before.
*3x/week package you can mix match with BLASTcamp
 *Tax service fee of 7.50% will be included
*Package will renew automatic each month, but you can cancel it a week before renewal.