Eat a Rainbow

Eat like a rainbo

We tend to eat the same produce everyday.  Over time we get bored with our foods like we get bored with our favorite shirt.  We should be eating a variety of fruits and vegetables to protect our health.  The best way to consume all the nutrients is by thinking of eating a rainbow or a wide range of colors.

Here are the important facts of each color and the best time of the season to eat them.

Red helps reduce DNA Damages. Mostly foods of cherries and raspberries boost antioxidant defense.  Red foods help fight heart disease and help maintain cognitive function, and stalls the aging process.

Include these foods:

  • Bell peppers peak: year round
  • Strawberries peak: April to September
  • Tomatoes peak: June to September
  • Watermelons peak June to August

Orange has beta-carotine which help boost the immune system.  Citrus fruits also help improve oral health.

Include this food:

  • Peaches peak: May to October

Yellow is full of VitaminC, which helps heal wounds and help block skin damage caused by free radicals.

Include these foods:

  • Pears peak: August to March
  • Pineapples peak: March to July

Green foods contains cancer protective phytochemicals.  Two antioxidants help protect blindness.

Include these  foods:

Artichokes peak: March to May
Asparagus peak: February to June
Avocados peak: Year round
Broccoli peak: October to April
Green beans peak: May to October
Kiwis peak: year round
Romaine lettuce  peak: year round

Blue and Purple help protect cells from oxidative damage and slow the sign of aging.  The darker the color, the more we benefit with cognitive functions and antioxidant properties

Include these foods:

Blueberries peak: May to October
Purple Grapes peak: May to October

White in onions, shallots, and garlic reduces heart disease risk and increase immune function.

Include these foods:

Button mushrooms peak September to March

So, the next time you’re going grocery shopping.  Change up your produce and find out what’s in season.  The produce that’s in season will have the most nutrition value.  Surprise your taste buds by putting some color in your life.