Holiday/Travel Tips


This season coming up will be a lot traveling. Our health and fitness is usually jeopardize based on poor food choices at the airport and lots of sitting around. Sometimes we think it’s time to indulge. We end up spending so much money and feel guilty about it.

I have the solution for you, no more excuses of blaming your travel. There are 5 easy steps and tips to make it work.  There is no reason why you can’t do it.

5 steps of making the right choice:

First step your food choices at the airport. Don’t get anything from there. Save your money and pack your own food. What I like to use is my 6 pack bag.  Now they have different styles that it’s great for everyday use and looking stylish.  Check out for the styles and what they have to offer.  PS I don’t get credit, but love the bags.

Tips of what to pack in your carry on bag:

1. Bring a blender bottle.  You can save money on buying airport water and also handy for quick shakes, if you don’t want to carry actual food.

2. Prepare zipblog bags of NutraSumma Pea Protein or any other protein source, preferably Plant Base..  I personally like NutraSumma because it tastes amazing and it’s not grainy, but smooth.  It has the right amount of Protein, Fat, and Carbs to control your glucose level so you are feeling satisfied and stables your metabolism from crashing.

3. Fill water after you go through the gate.  That’s when the blender bottle comes in hand 🙂

4. Make your own protein bars. See recipe below 🙂 OR get Macro Bars it’s Gluten free, no sugar added, all natural ingredients. I am obsessed with Apple Walnut and the Peanut Butter Protein.

5. Your vitamins because with all the traveling and stress we need to avoid getting sick. Load up your Vitamin C.

6. Bring your own meals. With my 6 pack bag I pack in all my meals for my trip.  Want it simple make to go muffins.

7. Optional bring your own gym equipment: Jump rope, TRX, or Resistance bands.  So many stuff you can do with that.

Second step don’t dress up on your travel.  Wear comfy clothes, because you can workout at the airport without making it look like you are.

Tips what to wear:

1. Sneakers!

2. Comfy workout gear.

3. Book bag

Third step get your exercise at the airport.

Tips what to do without looking obvious:

1. Use the stairs, not the escalator

2. Run to your gate, pretend you are about to miss your flight (I do that all the time, great exercise when you have a weighted book bag).

3. Don’t sit by your gate, walk around the airport while waiting for your departure. Sitting too long holds water weight on your glutes and thighs.  Plus you will be sitting long hours on the plane, take advantage and get that blood flowing 🙂

4. Do lunges or squats with your bookbag (Pretend your stretching!).

5. Do squats everytime you pick up your bag.

6. Some airports have yoga classes, take advantage of that.

Fourth step at your destination fit time to workout.

Tips of what type of routines to do:

1. Download Skimble app- Free workouts with a trainer

2. 20 min of 10 pushups, 15 squats, 20 sit-ups and repeat

3. Wake up early and do 10 minute run wherever you are. Explore the city. (Better than nothing)

4.15 min and 10 each- Hug your book bag and squat jumps, pushups with book bag on, and rotation lunges while holding your book bag.

5. For more travel workout routines, just BLAST me

Fifth step eating out or with the Family or Friends.

Tips for eating out:

1. Avoid the Free bread dishes. You will save yourself calories, normally 1 will be 300 cal. Why pack up the calories and carbs.

2. Drink a glass of water before your meal try to fit 3 (flush out the sodium).  Foods are packed high in sodium, usually more than your daily intake. This will also keep you full from eating all your meal.

3. Do not choose pasta dishes (loaded of high sodium, fat, and carbs more then you need)

4. Skip the appetizer (unless it’s your main meal)

5. Choose salad, not fries. Dressing on the side.

6. Open face Veggie burgers (don’t eat the top bun) or make it Protein style (lettuce wrap)

7. Avoid creamy soups, creamy sauces, and creamy dressings. High in sodium and fat.  They all add up if you combo with other meals

8. Avoid fried meals look for grilled or broiled foods


10. Skip the dessert!

 Tips with  Family dinners:

1. Drink alot of water!

2. Choose one Protein (whole hand size)

3. Load up with Veggies (unlimited, only if it’s not covered with mayo or anything like that)

4. Choose only 2 side dishes of 1/4c each (optional)

5. Skip the dessert or take a bite (Unless it’s the Dar-licious recipes)

Now you mastered the 5 basic steps of traveling, there is No excuses!

Go X-Your-Size!