Is your liver at risk?


Do you drink? Smoke? Bruise easily? Eat heavy foods? Use over-the-counter or skin care products? If you said yes to any of these questions, then keep reading, because it may cause damage or be a warning sign that there may already be damage to your liver.  When doing any of the above, or if you show signs of easy bruising, you are or have been pushing your liver to the limit and stressing it out.  If you’re interested in detoxifying your liver and better supporting its long-term health, then you should think about adding an extra nutrient to your diet.

Before we get to that, let me tell you more about the importance of your liver.

Your liver is the heaviest organ.  It’s also the second largest organ and gland and has many important responsibilities and functions in your life.  Your liver’s job is to filter toxins from the body, process nutrients from food, make bile, and build proteins.  Your liver stores many vitamins, minerals including iron and B12, amino acids, and fats, and needs a blend of antioxidants to help support healthy liver function.  We’re normally not physically aware of our liver being inflamed, which can lead to liver disease.  Imagine being at work and having so much work to do that you end up working too much overtime because of the heavy work load.  By the end of the day, you feel burned out, stressed, and wanting to quit.  Think in the same vein about your liver when you go out on weekends and you’re having that extra glass of wine or beer and eating foods that your body isn’t familiar with.  It’s like your boss adding piles of paperwork on your desk and telling you it needs to be finished within an hour.

When you eat, the digestive system immediately begins to break down the food into smaller pieces.  The nutrients enter your blood and travel to the liver.  The liver then processes these nutrients in various ways depending what your body needs and deliver the nutrients throughout the body for quick energy.  If your liver is damaged, it won’t be able to perform its job and do what it’s intended to do.  Imagine if you were absent at your job for a period of time and while you’re away the paperwork continues to pile up on your desk until you return.  It becomes too overwhelming for you to handle.

An assistant to the liver is the gallbladder, which is located right next door to our friend the liver and helps make bile.  Bile is a thick, green-yellow fluid that the liver produces to help digest fatty food.  So, your body uses the bile to help break down any heavy meal that you may consume.

Overall, no matter what you eat or put in your body, it always passes through the liver.  The liver is the bodyguard that helps filter out the toxins.  Typical toxins include penicillin, tylenol, or various other common drugs.  The liver needs to be healthy and in good working condition to do the job it was designed for.  A good analogy to think of is whenever we’re waiting in line to get into a popular club, which is guarded by a security guard.  The security guard’s job is to prevent underage kids from getting into the club illegally. If the security guard is not doing his job well or unable to properly screen out underage kids, the club can experience many legal consequences and problems as a result of the bad security.  So, if your liver is damaged and not able to do its job properly, many health-related problems can develop internally due to “bad security.”

The liver is also in charge of building many kinds of proteins that the body uses every day. For instance, there are many proteins produced by the liver that are responsible for blood clotting. When the liver is damaged, sometimes the body isn’t able to clot blood effectively. For those with mildly damaged livers or signs of potential damage, it may take a longer time for bleeding to stop when one is cut. However, in severe cases of liver damage, the blood wouldn’t be able to clot and a simple cut on the skin would lead to continued bleeding and possibly bruises.  The excessive bleeding to a simple cut and frequent bruising may be a sign of potential liver damage in your body.

So, now that you are informed about the importance of the liver and its function within our bodies, here is what you can do to help keep your liver healthy, clean, and fully functional:  we basically need to help stimulate enzymes in the liver.  USANA’s Hepasil DTX contains various antioxidants, such as green tea extract, milk-thistle extract, and Olivol that help this stimulation process.

Green Tea extract (and broccoli concentrate) is a powerful blend of antioxidants, which is a complete support for the liver, while milk-thistle extract is used to protect against oxidative stress.  Milk-thistle extract stimulates liver detoxification pathways and also has other strong antioxidant qualities to strengthen and protect liver cells. Olivol contains polyphenols derived from olives. The polyphenolic antioxidants found in olives are not present in other common dietary sources. They are structurally distinct from vitamins and other antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. These antioxidants may be one of the components of the Mediterranean diet associated with health and longevity, including the liver.

So, if you want to help keep your liver healthy and maintain its role as a strong bodyguard for our body’s toxins, let’s protect this critical organ by using USANA’s Hepasil DTX.

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