Loving your body


Reality check! Before you decide to compete there are some things you need to be prepared and aware.

What are your intentions of competing? Why do you want to compete? Are you trying to get fit and look great?  Accomplish your goals? Inspired by all the transformation progress? and etc? If the answer is yes, there is some things you need to keep in mind.

Next question, after you compete what is your next plan? Once you complete the initial goal, what will you do next?  Take a break? enjoy life? Compete again? Unsure?

OK here is the reality check.  If your intentions is too get fit, eat clean, and look great in a bikini, that is great! BUT after your show you will not look like that again.  Some gains 20lbs, 15lbs, or just 5lbs.  NO matter what, you will not look like the day of the show.  That’s the REALITY.  Some already knows that, but even though we know, we still don’t accept it.  We are still hard on ourselves because we compare how we “use” to look. Once we know we can get to looking like that, we want to stay looking like that. Talking to all the competitors we feel that same.  We are just crazy.  We then have the itch to compete again to maintain.  Yes I am one of them.  I did shows back to back, because I loved the structure.  I loved doing something for me and it kept me busy from my work.  November 2013 was the last time I competed at Nationals Florida.  This is my longest break because my next show is TBD.

I have to admit as much as I liked the break, I still felt lost.  I know what to eat and how to eat clean, but knowing I don’t have to be strict it is hard. Don’t get me wrong I do eat clean  90% of the time, but I do over portion once in a while. I recently became a Vegan 4 months ago. I love it alot. I like to experiment vegan meals and trying out healthy restuaruants when I travel.  I don’t care too much about the junk food in the first place, but I love to explore healthy restaurants that have both Vegan and non vegan options, which by the way makes me happy. One thing I do miss is the the accountability.

As much as I eat clean and workout everyday, I keep thinking I look big, not fit, and started critisizing myself. I had a big photo shoot with an amazing photographer named Robert Reiff. I had to (chose to) prep for the photoshoot, but I was hard on myself because I wasn’t 100% committed as I was for a show.  I also had a Race to prep for, which I wanted to make sure I had energy.   I knew I was fit, but kept thinking I wasn’t competition ready.  All my photo shoots were from day before or after my Bikini Competition, so mentally I was expecting to look like that. Talking to the other girls made me feel better knowing we all thought that. So during the day of the shoot I was not happy with myself and started critizing myself. Worried how my pics will turn out. I thought I was crazy.

Once I received my unedited pics by Robert, I finally opened my eyes.  I was crazy for thinking I was unfit. It took me those picture to realize I love how I look. I am healthy. I was scrolling my past undedited pics after my National show and saw how small I was.  As much as I liked how I looked, I love how I looke NOW then before.  This is more natural. There are people out there, that are no where near where we are. Wanting to get to where we are.  If we say that out loud they would hate us.  We are our worst critics.  We have to accept a more healthy mindset.

So the moral of the story is competing is great and very rewarding, but you need to remind yourself that’s a one day thing.  Still maintain and controll yourself from binging.  Look at pictures of 4-8 weeks out.  Compare that, not the show.  If you want to be healthy and happy, learn the moderation. PLAN OUT YOUR MEALS AHEAD AND WORKOUT.  Prioritize your life, but still enjoying making healthy decisions with friends.

SO REMEMBER when you compete do it for the right reasons, don’t let it break you.