Customized Meal Plan


Did you know that food is 80% more important, then your fitness? Fitness is only 20% important. Eating the right foods during your workout days and rest day is extremely important to see results on your weight loss. Do you even know if you are eating a well- balanced meal to get you where you need to be?

Answer these questions:

  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Do you want to feel better?
  • Do you want to improve, stabilize, or even reverse a chronic condition such as heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, or high blood pressure?
  • Would you like to take fewer medications?
  • Are you open to changing your diet if you could really improve your health?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then a plant-based eating plan may be for you.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just have to take the first step.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Meaning it’s the perfect time to take the first step to better your health. It doesn’t hurt to take charge of your own health.

I will customize your meal plans based on your lifestyle, because we are human and we can’t always be restricted what we eat. Your meal plans will be broken down to a three day menu: Workout day, Cardio/Plyo day, and Rest day. Based on your workout plan for the week you will follow the menu accordingly.  If you don’t have a set workout routine, I highly recommend getting the Combo Package if you are looking to lose weight, lean out, gain muscle, improve your athletic endurance for a particular race, or overall improve your health.

You have the choice of Weekly Meal Plan, Bi-weekly Meal Plan, or Meal Plan (MP) coaching.  I will be calculating your measurements, macros, writing out a game plan on where your body fat percentage needs to be, and etc. Please note that the meal plan will be 100% plant based, except for those in the transitional phase will include 20-10%, depending the stages they are at.

Weekly plan:

You will receive new customized meal plans every week based on your measurement. I will calculate you measurement and adjust your macros based on your lifestyle.


You will repeat the same plan for two weeks and I will change your plan every two weeks based on your measurements. So if you don’t get bored repeating your meal plan, then choose this plan

MP Coaching:

No customized meal plan, you take charge of your menu. If you don’t want to be restricted on what you eat, but want to learn how to make your own decision, then choose this plan. You will receive two 30-minute Skype/phone sessions. I will provide a recommended macro intake and guide you how to create menus that fit your requirement.

What you will get when you sign up: 

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly personalized meal plan created just for you based on health goals, food allergies, fitness goals, and will fit in your budget.
  • A Coach “ME” to keep you motivated and hold you accountable to stay on track.
  • Email any questions you have and have it answered every Monday and Thursday, unless it’s an emergency questions.
  • Program guidebook PDF
  • Swap list
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly #Dar-licious Recipes
  • Weekly tips &  consultation
You also have 2 choices on payments: Monthly Auto Pay (Cancel Anytime) or Purchase 3 months full. For Auto pay, I recommend you cancel 1 week prior to the next renewal.  If  you can Pay in full, than you will save money.

What’s the cost for a customized plan?

Package  Auto pay  3-Months Pay in Full 
4-Week Bi-Weekly $99
$260 (Save $30)+Tax
4-Week Meal Plan $130
$360 (Save $30)+Tax
2 MP Coaching Sessions $90 (No Auto)


If you are ready to commit, this is how it works. Once I receive payment I will send you the information I need to get you started.  After I receive all the information, it will take me 3-4 days to send your plan. So the faster I get your info, the quicker you will get your program.


You will feel Stress free that you found a solution to something that has been bothering you for months/years. You will feel amazing, proud of yourself, and unstoppable. You’ll learn the exact steps to getting to your ideal weight, cutting carb and sugar cravings, and choosing the healthiest, best tasting foods and recipes that fill you up and make you feel great.

Even if you don’t want to lose weight, this program will teach you to make a lifetime change, not just an hour of sweating. You will learn how to be aware of your decisions, by still having a fun and normal social life.  If you need help with your workouts click here.


Refund/Cancellation Policy: Must cancel within 24hrs of initial purchase to get full refund. No refund after 24hrs. You are responsible for canceling you auto pay before the next billing cycle.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified dietician, so please consult your physician before going on a plan – especially if you are allergic to any foods. Use your senses; you know your body better. Also, consult your doctor, pharmacist, psychotherapist, herbalist, chiropractor, dentist, shaman, voo-doo practitioner or other appropriate health professional before doing anything that might affect your physical or mental health.