My Life as a Mermaid


As a child my favorite disney movie was “The little mermaid” It was my first american movie.  I remember in 1st grade we got to watch a movie and  “the little mermaid” was one of it, fell in love, and not sure why. I knew overall I loved movie days in school because it was my excuse to not talk.  Perfect time kill and the only time I didn’t have to worry about teachers picking on me in class or socializing. What can I say I was extremely shy. Now I’m about to be 31 and realized my whole life was based the little mermaid.  My life was like Ariel.

So Before I get into my relation to the movie.  Let me give a brief over view of the story. If you want the full detail of the story click The Little Mermaid .  Once Upon a time, there was a mermaid who was the princess that lived in the sea. She wanted to be on land and be part of the human world. She disobeyed her parents to not go to land.  She met an evil octopus named Ursela and did a bargain. She had to give up her voice for legs. Ariel started to regret her decision.  She did what she could to go back to sea. I didn’t want to bore you with the full details, but if you want to see the movie go click The little Mermaid MOVIE.

So how the heck it relates to my life?  Well As a mermaid she is foreign to land and the human world. She doesn’t accept who she is and wants to fit in with the “cool” crowd.  Ariel didn’t listen to her parents because they were foreign too. She did whatever it takes to get what she wants. She didn’t realize that life has obstacles and consequenses in the human world. She experiences life is tough with no voice and opinion. She realized you need balance in 2 worlds which takes a lot of courage and determination.

Let’s do a quick summary of who I am. I can write a whole 30 years of my life, but I will just give a brief short version.  I came to the world not knowing english.  I was born in the US, but my parents met in the US and didn’t know english.  So I only knew Polish.  I grew up in a Polish speaking home, went to polish saturday school, mass, and Poland during summer vacation.  When I was 6 I started school not knowing english.  I learned english when we learned our ABC’s and parents basically learned the same time.  I even told some people I was the princess of Poland and my parents were the king and queen (haha I had alot of imaginations). So going to school it was very foreign to me, like the Human world.  I was extremely shy and did not talk like Ariel.  I was ashamed and scared what people thought of me.  I pictured myself as the freak, the girl with the fins haha.  Very insecure of my decision and opinions.  As I grew up my looks changed, felt confident in the outside, but not confident in myself.  I was still scared of my choices, because I rather have someone else be happy.  I obeyed my parents at the time and their decisions. I never wanted to disappoint them or anybody. I was not allowed to apply to colleges outside of my home town. Even though I had a great time, I knew I wanted more and had to leave.  My parents didn’t want me to leave, but decided to make my first decision and move to Florida. Moving to Florida was like Ariel receiving her legs, FREEDOM.  The sea was Buffalo to me, I was protected from the Human world, I wanted to experience the real world.  All this Freedom, I was lost, and I didn’t know exactly what “I” wanted.  I just “wanted” to fit in.  I made some poor decisions, but knew it wasn’t me.  I wasn’t happy being someone I wasn’t, because I always loved health and fitness. I gave up on that, because I just “wanted” any job, fit in, and not miss out. Giving up my passion, was like Ariel giving up her voice. I did whatever it took to “Fit in.”  I moved back to Buffalo because I felt comfortable, went back to my passion of helping others staying fit, and healthy.  I was happy at first, but realized you need 2 worlds to be happy.  You can’t have one or the other.  I have met soo many amazing people in Buffalo, but realized I don’t want to be comfortable in the sea.  I decided to move to San Francisco.  I realized if you have a dream, you need to push it through, if you want it bad.  Yes, life will be hard but you need to start somewhere.  It’s the only way to grow, why repeat the same mistakes.

In conclusion, everything will work out in the end.  Follow your dreams, don’t over think, and become obsessed with happiness.  You just need to find balance, take action of your goals, to assure an unstoppable accomplishment.

So the moral of the story, “the little mermaid” is in order to be good for someone, you must not sell your soul to what people want to see you. Don’t give up on your dreams and goals for someone to fit in. Follow your passion.  Don’t listen to Negative people. They will hold you back to follow your dream, even if it’s someone very close to you.  Know the difference of wisdom and selfish.  She gave up her voice to someone totally opposite of her.  Keep your Voice  aka your opinions and beliefs. Still listen to everyone because there is no right or wrong answer.  Just know the balance of who is right.  Your voice represents opinion and it will help you succeed in life.

I found my voice.  I finally have an opinion of what I believe in, what I stand for, but I am still growing.  Still not perfect.  You will come across in life that people don’t like you, don’t agree with you, or just totally opposite.  It doesn’t matter because we all end up flocking together of what we beleive in.  Surround yourself with “POSITIVE” people even if they have different interests in hobbies, or foods.  Overall we all think the same. We all can relate “The little mermaid” story.