“Feeling stagnant in my physical and performance based progress and repeatedly failing to obtain the balance between proper training, nutrition and supplementation I had been looking for, I turned to the enthusiastic trainer that I had met by chance at a race expo in San Francisco to “shake things up a bit”.  Upon meeting Darlene, I was immediately drawn to her positive energy and genuine passion for overall health and wellness, but I had no idea what a huge impact she would later have on my life – both inside and outside of the gym!

A model of fitness, I LOVED her story and was all too curious to see what she would have in store for someone like me – especially since I live in TX!  She quickly customized a lifestyle program to fit my goals, which was equally physically and mentally challenging.  While Darlene provided me with weekly meal and supplementation plans, she also educated me on what I was putting in my body and why.  This had been the huge educational piece I had been missing by quickly jumping on all of the commonly referred to “fad diet” bandwagons without the proper research or background knowledge base.  Her programming was geared towards pushing my limits – getting me out of my comfort zone and into that place where I could truly test the depths of my will and determination.  Although states away, I never felt out of touch, as Darlene kept me motivated daily via phone, email and social media and was always available to answer any questions that I had regardless of time 🙂

“The results I achieved after 12 weeks of BODBlast training far surpassed the goals that I had initially set for myself.  I saw my body change in ways I never even thought possible and, perhaps more importantly, I learned how to maintain the new standards Darlene helped me set for myself.  She changed my outlook on training for sure and opened my eyes to a world of opportunity I didn’t even know existed.  Just a regular girl looking for that little extra something, I found Darlene’s BODBlast training program to be second to none and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me next!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!”
– Gina Colagiovanni



“My experience with Blast Camp & Darlene couldn’t be better.  Darlene’s energy and attitude combined with her creative and unique work out sessions keep me motivated and not only ecstatic with the results but having fun along the way.  Darlene is a true professional, completely dependable and ready to train no matter what the condition outside! She always puts in the extra effort to make you a healthier more fit person.  If you want change then train with Darlene.  Now drop and give me 10 burpees!”
-Patrick Starzan




“Darlene is a great trainer.. she is enthusiastic and fun and very knowledgeable … time flies  when training with Darlene.  It is refreshing to work out with a trainer and not get bored…and that’s what you get when working out with Darlene.”
– Camilla & Chris, Pilates clients



“Darlene has changed my physique!  I started training with her about 6 weeks before my wedding and felt great by the time the wedding day arrived.  So great that I decided to continue training sessions with her even after I didn’t have to worry about a dress and photos.  I was an avid runner, swimmer and biker before I started training, but I was lacking overall muscle strength and flexibility.  Working out with Darlene has significantly improved the things I love to do on a daily basis and made them more enjoyable.  I feel stronger, leaner, have an increased stamina, and most importantly, I am less prone to pain.  Darlene knows my body and pushes me while making the workouts fun.  I’m amazed at how they vary and how she always mixes it up with something new.  I look forward to our sessions every week!”
– Emily W.



“I’ve been working with Darlene for about 4 months and have seen amazing results in that time. Darlene is a great trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough (“Darlene, you are KILLING me!”) and warm (“Jenn, you got this! You are doing SO well”). She suggests exercise routines that are individualized and challenging, but not more than you can handle. Darlene has also customized individual meal plans for me to get the results I’ve been working towards.  I have never felt stronger or healthier.”
– Jen T.


 “Darlene is the best and so fun to work with! She is an amazing trainer and her energy and positivity is contagious.”
– Jasmine R.


“Darlene is a great trainer to work with. She customizes a meal and work out plan based on your schedule. If you let her what your week will be like in advance, i.e. no time to go to actual gym, she will customize the plan so that you can work out from home with what little or no equipment you have or in your neighborhood but it is guarantee to get your sweat on! She is a great motivator and at times, you just need that push to get you going and with that, i lost 14 lbs of fat and gained 6 pounds of muscle with her training and it is NOT over yet!! This is a healthy lifestyle change and not a trend. 😉 Darlene Rocks!”
– Cora S.


“I met Darlene, the brain and beauty behind Bodblast, back in 2010. I was living in San Francisco at the time and suffering from significant back/ hip pain. I went from a tremendously active lifestyle to practically sedentary.

After feverishly searchingfor answers to overcome this pain, I received a life changing email.  Darlene Adamusik ( CEO of Bodblast)one of the new resident trainers/ Pilates specialists at my beloved gym contacted me to arrange for a private training session. Something told me to write her back and I am SO thankful that I did.

From my first training session with Darlene I felt I was in good hands. (Personally, I would take fitness advice from anyone that can rock head-to-toe Lululemon( which runs complementary to their flawless muscle tone) and can kick my butt (with unstoppable energy)all before 7 AM.

Working with someone who was invested in helping me, passionate about their work and listened ( really listened)was exactly the support that I needed, and found in Darlene.

I communicated my concerns to her and she was able to translate that into a multifaceted 360 health and fitness approach; personal training, positive reinforcement emails, vitamin supplementation suggestions, nutrition / dietary regimen. The best part of all is that she helped me feel like myself again. I felt motivated vs helpless, challenged vs discouraged.

Within a few weeks time, I regained mobility and saw muscles resurface,( that had clearly been hibernating). Her delicate approach truly helped me to overcome these issues, and have remained useful to this day. Whenever, I get a glimpse of back pain I think of her and some of the invaluable stretches or exercises she taught me. I have resumed my active lifestyle and owe a big thanks to Bodblast!

Anyone who has the privilege to work with her is in for a treat. Just remember that, anything worthwhile takes effort. If you’re committed to Improving yourself, your outlook, your health, you’re life -then this is a great place to start – THE BEST!! Bodblast, you’re a rockstar :)”
– Mary Heaven