Eggplant Parm on the go

Eggplant on the go

When your on the go and have no time eat, this is the best snack.  Not only its Dar-licious, it’s extremely fast and easy to make. Eating eggplants has so many Nutrient value with a low calorie cost.  It’s a great way to feel full without ruining your waist line. They are known for their role in promoting proper brain function, cardiovascular and cancer prevention, and many more. For one it’s only 50 calories, 5 g protein, 3g carbs, 2g fat.  Eat all 4 and you a full meal!


1/4 cup chopped  Cooked Eggplant
2 Egg Whites or Replacement
1 Tbs Diced Jalapeño
Seasoning Cayenne Pepper, crushed pepper (desired amount)
1tsp minced garlic
Cherry tomatoes (get a pack)
1/2 tsp Parmesan Cheese or Vegan
1 Tbs Ricotta cheese OR Buy or make your own Vegan Ricotta- Recipe

NOTE:  The ingredients is for one Muffin, to make more get more ingredients


  • Preheat 400 degrees.
  • Grab your Muffin pan
  • Each muffin slot place 1/4 c eggplant and 2 egg whites mixed.  Seasoned with cayenne pepper, crushed pepper, desired jalapeño, and 1/2tsp Parmesan .  Repeat the process for each one.
  • Bake 10 min 400 degree
  • Make the Ricotta cheese mixture by mixing 1 tbs of ricotta cheese with seasoning of cajun pepper, crushed pepper, desired jalapeño, garlic, and 1/2tsp parmesan.
  • After cooled spread 1 tbs of ricotta cheese mixture   on each muffin.  Cut cherry tomatoes in half and place on top. Garnish jalapeño and Parmesan.

Enjoy it’s Dar-licious!


Disclaimer: I am not a certified dietician, so please consult your physician before going on a plan – especially if you are allergic to any foods. Use your senses; you know your body better.  Also, consult your doctor, pharmacist, psychotherapist, herbalist, chiropractor, dentist, shaman, voo-doo practitioner or other appropriate health professional before doing anything that might affect your physical or mental health.

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