Get rid of your belly fat?


Are you getting enough Vitamin D? Summer is over, which means less time in the sun for us all.  The sun is our vitamin D supplement that helps our immune system and also helps lift our mood. Have you ever noticed your change in mood from summer to winter time?  All throughout the summer, we’re more energetic and generally in a much happier mood.  With the bright sunshine and warm temperatures, we actually want to do get outside and be active, rather than being lazy indoors. On the other hand, when it gets cold and gloomy, we tend to sit at home, be lazy, and eat comforting food that has much less nutritional value.  This is where gaining and increasing excess belly fat begins. Being low in Vitamin D assists in the accumulation of more fat in the muscles, which translates to an increased risk of obesity.  From there, the increase in fat can lead to a greater risk of heart attack, which obviously can cause premature deaths to occur that can otherwise be avoided.  Statistically, Vitamin D deficiencies increase the death rate by 100%. When we are less active and eating food with less nutritional value while in the winter hibernation mood, the deficiencies increase and we end up storing excess fats.  So, why not prevent these health risks by increasing our Vitamin intake to torch off the fat and never let that fire burn out.  Once the fire is gone, our immune system shuts down, which means we are more likely to get sick.  Have you ever wondered why we get sick mainly during the fall and winter times?  A primary reason is a lack of Vitamin D. Since flu season is also just around the corner, it’s time to load up Vitamin D supplements.  It’s the key to regulate everything in your body!

So, if you feel you have some excess body fat, suffer from a lack of activity, and/or fall into hibernation mood far too often, then start getting your Vitamin D supplement to avoid these pitfalls.  Vitamin D is fat soluble, which means that extra body fat will hold on to Vitamin D and prevent it from getting into the blood stream like it should.  Vitamin D is released much easier and more frequently in leaner bodies. However, even more active men and women need Vitamin D to help boost their health and athletic performance. The proper amounts of Vitamin D supplemented with the right diet can make you faster, stronger, and improve your balance and timing. Vitamin D is your wingman in health and fitness! A Vitamin D supplement will ultimately help you live longer and be healthier!

Here are some important key values of Vitamin D that will help improve your health and noted medical conditions that Vitamin D can prevent or help fight:

*   Reduce cancer risk

*   Improve mental health

*   Alzheimer’s disease

*   Asthma

*   Osteoporosis

*   Autoimmune Illness

*   Chronic Pain

*   Depression

*   Type 2 Diabetes

*   Heart Disease

*   Hypertension

*   Inflammatory bowel disease

*   Improves athletic performance

*   Reduce belly fat

*   Improves muscle building (and therefore, burn fat)

*   PMS

*   Stroke

Keep in mind – the best time to take your Vitamin D is in the morning after you eat a big breakfast!

*Recent health guidelines have raised optimum Vitamin D intake levels from 400IU to 600IU per day, but please be sure to consult with your doctor and/or nutritionist to determine what the appropriate amount of Vitamin D is to supplement your lifestyle and body since every individual is different and the optimum intake levels may range from person to person.  

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