What’s the hype on gluteus?

Barrel lunge

Why does everyone want to have a nice behind or grow it big?

Yes having nice gluteus is great, but do you know there is more to it then looking great?

Having strong gluteus is important for many reasons. Not only it’s the largest and strongest muscle in the body, but it supports the lumber, pelvic tilt, rotation, and functional movement. Which can help improve posture, sitting, standing, picking up heavy objects, climbing stairs, improve athletic performance, and decrease risk of injuries.

If you look at the anatomy of your gluteus there are many layers. It’s like opening a hood of your car and seeing your engine. Your engine is the center of what controls the car. If something is neglected to fix, it will create a domino effect and your car breaks down.  Same thing goes with your body.

Don’t you ever get mad at the car mechanics when you think one thing is broken and they make a list of everything else that needs to be fixed? They are not really scamming you, they are just trying to help you in the future. Save money in the long run. So think of back problem, knee, and shoulders injuries.  Where do they connect? The glute/hip.

So when you say you want to have big glutes and people asks you why?  Give a better reason then it looks great, you want attention, or to win for future muscle contest.

Say you want to prevent the risk of knees, low back, hamstring, and groin injury.  You want to prevent the imbalance in the hip.  Weak hips lead to lack of medial rotation of the femur (the inner thigh bone) and lateral tracking of the patella (the outside of your knee bone), which causes knee pain.  Weak gluteus can also cause pulled muscles in the hamstrings or groin.

So let’s prevent the future injuries by doing some basic strengthening glute exercises that will help everyday life. Here are some multi functional movements: deep squats to kick, side lung to front lunge, and step ups. Also include some aerobics that involves incline. These may be hill walking on treadmill/elliptical and stair mill. This will help build gluteus while burning fat 🙂

Here is a link on anatomy of gluteus  check out on Bodybuilding.com

 There are more but it’s simple and basic